Thursday, March 19, 2020

Weed Sprayer

Here is an easy-to-make weed sprayer for your M.o.W. crew.

  • Materials needed:
  • Life-Like track cleaner car
  • Matchbox Rainmaker irrigation tractor
  • Two small brad nails
  • Decals: Microscale 87-1012
  • White (Elmer's) Glue
  • BB shot

Obtain a Life-Like track cleaner car. These are readily available on eBay (try this search) or swap meets. Remove the cleaning pad from the bottom, and the sidewalls on either side of the tank. Put a squirt of white glue into the tank, and add BB shot to get the weight up to spec (4 oz.) Then another squirt of glue, and tip the car back and forth so all the BB shot is glued in place and won't roll around. Paint as desired. Remove the caboose section to add window glazing if desired. 

Obtain a Matchbox Rainmaker irrigation tractor (try this search). Remove the two spray arms.

Drill two small holes through the deck of the car for the hinge pins, which are two small brad nails inserted up through the bottom and glued in place. Add a short piece of wire in the first stake pocket to act as a retainer to hold the spray arms closed which car is in transit. Slide the spray arms into place, and that is all!

"Weed Spray" decal can be found in Microscale set 87-1012.

Push the weed spray car along your track tank-end first, so the operator (in the cupola) can see to operate the spray arms, and retract them from obstructions.

spray arms in closed position


  1. Clever kitbash! I have one of these old track cleaning cars somewhere . . .

    1. Cool, just grab a Matchbox Rainmaker and you will be all set. I see lots of them on eBay at the moment. They are still in production, you may get lucky and find one at Walmart or Dollar General.