Monday, October 15, 2018

Tonka Tinys: N scale vehicle roulette

N scalers: Want to try a $1.99 gamble? I came across these at Target. They are "Tonka Tiny's" sold blind (you cannot see what's inside until you buy it) for $1.99. There are various trucks and construction vehicles. They come in a stackable plastic "garage" which can probably find a home on your layout also.

I bought one to check it out. I got a little pickup truck which measures 18 feet on my N scale rule, which is right on the money.

18 feet long - perfect for N scale

The little insert inside the box shows the various vehicles available. If your significant other is hinting for Christmas stocking suggestions, this could be the ticket. Could maybe use for distant scenes in HO too.

insert (click pic to enlarge)

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