Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Oasis

The Oasis is a little bar across from the Amtrak station in Shelby, Montana. It is quite photogenic, especially for its sign offering casino, bar, dancing, and live bait; apparently all at the same time.

photo by Jim Roth

So of course, Kenton has to have one. I picked up a similar little building at our local NMRA meeting's swap table. After some mods and a coat of paint, and some signs cropped from the prototype photo, we give you the The Oasis of Kenton:


  1. Hi Rick, I like the bar you built, nice idea and a good look. I'm with you on building instead of buying everything. I guess we are modelers, not collectors per se. Too bad we are at opposite ends of the country, about as far apart as we can be. Silly me though, I have quite a few Maine Central boxcars for some reason; I just like the paint jobs. I figure our customers must use a lot of syrup. JohnH.

    1. BTW, I do not see a FOLLOW option over here either. I know I've joined other blogs before, but can't remember how.

    2. Thanks! Great to meet you.
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  2. Working on it, I got your blog by the paste method, still trying to find follow button for mine. Saw lots of gadgets, will keep looking. Thanks.