Thursday, March 15, 2018

Section work car 992

The Cape Ann has two section work cars in MoW service. Each is assigned to one end of the layout. These are used for day-to-day routine work that does not require a full work train. This Tyco 50' flatcar has a caboose body to provide a place to ride and shelter, and the 20’ intermodal container provides secure storage for tools and supplies. They do require special handling - the locomotive must always couple to the caboose end, so there is unrestricted access to the doors of the container. Like all non-revenue equipment, it carries a 9XX road number.

Nick Cook found this similar prototype!

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  1. That is an interesting work car you have there. A good idea really and one which might also work for an older time period if the container were replaced with a box van body or even a shorty trailer off its wheels. This bears further investigation. John Huey from the AZSO.