Thursday, January 18, 2018

Simple Car Cards and Waybills

Simple Car Cards and Waybills

Routing on my layout is by homemade car cards and waybills. 

Each industry or destination is assigned a three letter code. 

The car card (yellow) and the waybill (white) are tucked together in a baseball card sleeve. The waybills can be 2 cycle or 4 cycle - these are 2 cycle - pull it out of the sleeve and turn it over to reveal the next destination. Destinations are written in large red letters for easy visibility. The destinations also appear on the U-channel which runs along the fascia. The U-channel is vinyl molding made for bathroom tile, and has a flange which is tacked to the underside of the fascia. The U-channel makes a handy spot to store the cards.

These two cars have just been spotted at PTC. After the session, one of the housekeeping tasks is to go around and advance the waybills so the next destination is showing.

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