Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bill & Irene's Diner

What to do with a dummy trolley that is way too old for your layout's era? Add some lights, signs, details, and tack on a kitchen out back.

An AC unit has been hoisted onto the roof, with ductwork from a scrap plastic sprue. The rooftop HVAC unit over the walk in cooler is a Lego block with washer fans on top. Wood furniture screwhole buttons make the two domed vents over the grill. #24 wire forms the plumbing vent stacks over the kitchen sink and rest rooms. 

The diner is named for Bill Sweet and Irene, model railroad friends from Lockport NY.


  1. I like how you take common Lego blocks, sprue, wire, and a little paint to create convincing detail parts. I've started a "left-overs" box to keep bits and pieces I might normally throw out to repurpose in a similar manner.

    1. Thank you - and I always look at little common objects with a scale eye ... asking, "If this were HO scale, what would it be?"