Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Using Sand Timers

Found these cute little sand timers (1 minute) on Amazon. I am using them to "force" passage of time ... when a passenger train stops at the station, I turn the timer to force a wait while passengers get on/off. I placed one near each station.

Waiting for passengers

I also use one of the timers to time out Rule 27 which reads: Block 16 Trespasser check: If any portion of a freight train comes to a stop at any point in block 16, crew shall check for trespassers aboard the train before proceeding. This may be done by either walking the train, or a slow rollby. This is due to a known hobo encampment in this area. A one-minute timer shall be used to simulate passage of time before proceeding.

Damn hippies!

Here is a link to these little timers. Four timers for about $8. 

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