Thursday, February 22, 2018

More containers on Tyco flats

The start of the project. Probably can't get 4 well cars from Walthers for $14.49.

This uses good old Tyco 40' flats which normally hold 3 pipe sections. First the divider tabs which separate the pipe loads are ground off with a Dremel tool. Then the flats are painted (here I used red auto primer) and decaled. Closed stirrups are painted open with flat black paint. Pay no attention to the "48" behind the curtain - the length designation, common on well cars, is just part of the illusion that the cars are 48 feet long. An Athearn blue box cover is handy to hold them on edge for this work.

For scale size containers I use 1" x 1" SFS (Sanded Four Sides) wood molding, sold by the foot at Home Depot. An 8' piece will yield about 24 containers for less than $10. Now to simulate sitting down in a well car, I am going to trick the eye with a shorter container. I had a friend with a table saw rip the molding down to 1" x 3/4". The length is a fudge also, they have to be 34' long (not 40) to fit inside the molded in tray on the flat.

The container sides are prepped for the wood blocks, and the blocks painted to match. Details on this technique, and links to container side images, are found here >>

How the illusion is done. Normal height container on the right. Shorter container on the left. When the short one is set in the flatcar tray, it will appear to be sitting down recessed within the car. HA HA HA! So much easier than cutting out the floor of the car!

Normal height container on left. Shorty container on right, appears to sit down inside the tray of the car. Can be double stacked with a normal container on top too.

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  1. This adds new meaning to "selective compression." Very creative and effective, not to mention an economical way to effectively simulate well-stack cars and containers.