Saturday, December 9, 2017

CP's exploding boxcar

CP 34053 has appeared on the interchange track - and it is a car with a story attached.

There is no car storage on my layout. Every car on the layout is in the process of going somewhere else. Storage is in a rolling wire rack, which represents the world beyond the layout. Cars are selected from the rack by a roll of the dice and come in to the layout on one of the two interchange tracks.

Sometimes the roll of the dice turns up a car with memories. CP 34053 turned up last night. This is a HO scale Lionel exploding boxcar from when I was a kid, probably about 50 years old. It has a mousetrap-like mechanism inside which would explode the boxcar periodically causing great hilarity. (Here also is a pic of a similar car from eBay seller bggameboy showing what is inside).

In the years between childhood and getting married (and a basement) I amused myself by making structures and cars for the future layout. At some point I disabled the mechanism inside this car, glued it shut, and repainted for CP Rail.

There are a number of cars from my original train set still in revenue service on the layout.

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