Monday, July 17, 2017

New Fast Clock in Operation

I love my new fast clock! It makes the layout seem so much larger, with trains taking realistic time to get places, instead of minutes. 

Here is a pic of my new fast clock all set up, along with a screen shot of the interface.

This is a HTML/Javascript clock written by Wesley Steiner. You can run it direct from the web page ( ) and once you have run it in your browser, a further internet connection is not required. If you download the HTML you can save it as a local file too.

The clock is running on the old laptop visible at the bottom, and displayed on an external monitor.

You select the compression, but not as a direct ratio.
Compress 24 hours into …
8 hours gives you 3:1
6 hours yields 4:1
5 hours yields 5:1 (approx).
4 hours yields 6:1
3 hours yields 8:1
and you can tweak it for in-between ratios.

You can also set the hours/minutes to anything desired at any time, or pause/resume the clock. It runs in 24-hour mode as default, but if you like 12-hour mode better, just click the reset button when you creep past noon. That’s all the controls, but that’s all you need!

This is free but is a shareware model. The site gives a button for thanks, in which he suggests emailing a Starbucks gift card if you find it useful. I sent him off a $10 card. Well worth it!

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