Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GP-18's and F7's

The Cape Ann has chosen the AHM GP-18 and Bachmann F7 as "standard" road power. This takes into account cost (this is a low-budget operation, and we need quite a few - all locos have been purchased used on eBay for $15 or less), availability of used units from eBay, and ease of service. The back story is that CAX management likes to buy older, used power and rebuild them as needed in their own shops.

Bachmann F7A is the power for all passenger service . This 4 wheel pickup / 4 wheel drive pancake motor model is plentiful and cheap. Most modelers detest the pancake motor but I find them easy to use and reliable as long as you can get power into them uninterrupted, and they leave plenty of room for other mods. 

AHM GP-18 is the power for most freight service. This 4 wheel pickup / 8 wheel drive GP18 can be operated either-end forward, so we don't need to turn the loco.

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